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Tinuy-an Falls Amenities

The following are some of the amenities that can be found in Tinuy-an Falls:

Falls - the majestic falls itself will satisfy you and will make you realize that everything did to make it all the way to Tinuy-an Falls is worth it. We assure you that!

Playground - there is also another way to enjoy Tinuy-an Falls. There's a playground where everyone can play, especially the kids.Function Hall - for those who are in the area for some business and other important events, the function hall in Tinuy-an Falls would be perfect.

Swimming - your visit to Tinuy-an Falls would not be complete if you won't go swimming, right? Feel the coldness of its water and you won't regret it.

Rafting - for those who are adventurous enough, you can try rafting. It will bring you closest to the waterfalls. The raft is made of bamboo.

Picnic Ground - who says Tinuy-an Falls is only for swimming? Of course, for those who would like to have picnic around the falls, now, you can place your mat in the picnic grounds and have an amazing moment while viewing the lovely Tinuy-an Falls.

Camp Site - available for camper tourists who bring their own tents

Here is a video that will show you some of the amenities in Tinuy-an Falls:


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